Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I buy a carcass from?
    You will need to find a butcher and order it a couple of weeks in advance. Advise the butcher it is for a spit roast and the weight required. Remember the maximum you can load on the Eazy Spit is 25 kg (55 lb). Visit butchers-online to find a local butcher.
  2. Does a carcass need any special preparation prior to cooking?
    No, you need not do anything to the carcass once you have received it from the butcher. It is personal preference as to whether you scour the skin, put salt on etc.
  3. Approximately how long would a carcass take to cook?
    Everything depends on ambient temperature and heat maintained while cooking. We estimate it takes approximately 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours for a 25 kg carcass. We recommend you use a digital thermometer, and in the thickest part of the carcass i.e. the neck or the hindquarters the thermometer should read 75 deg C.
  4. Is there a weight limit that can be cooked on the spit?
    We recommend a carcass of 25 kgs (dead weight), the problem with anything big is the length to go on the spit pole and the width with the legs. The motor will take 50 kgs, so you can put rolls of meat on the pole upto this weight.
  5. Does the carcass/rolls need basting during cooking?
    It is personal preference as to whether you baste during cooking or not.
  6. Is there a best way to arrange charcoal/firelighters/fluid etc foreasy lighting?
    Fill the bins half full, add lighter fuel and light.
  7. What is the best way to top up the bins?
    Drop one or two pieces of charcoal in opposite bins, to maintain the heat. Do not fill all four bins at once as you will kill the heat and the meat will take longer to cook.
  8. What do you use to clean the Eazy Spit?
    Ensure you have removed the motor, so that no water comes in contact with motor. Hot soapy water and a cloth/scourer or if you have a pressure jet washer this can be used.
  9. What is the best way to store the Eazy spit when not in use?
    Remove the motor and store in a dry place. The spit can be left in the garden or packed away.
  10. How do you attach/affix the pig to the spit?
    Put U clamps thru spine and leg thru leg irons at each end, all these are connect to the spindle thru square fixings.
  11. Once cooked how do I keep the carcass/rolls warm?
    Take two bins off the same side, pull out bins to full extent, top up charcoal if required.
  12. Do all the meat juices collect in the drip tray?
  13. Why is the carcass blistering?
    The heat is too intense, pull the bins out and allow the charcoal to reduce in heat.
  14. Why when BBQ did my meat not burn?
    Using the Eazy Spit to BBQ is different to traditional bbq with the coals underneath, and the meat is cooked slower and does take longer than a traditional bbq, but the flavor is worth waiting for.
  15. How long does roll of meat take to cook?
    It will depend on size, ambient temperature and how you like you meat. Estimate time is 2 hours, but it will be plus or minus depending on personnel taste.