Patented Technology - the Eazy Spit is in the final stages of having its own patent for the complex cooking technology.

Unmatched Taste - unlike other spit roasting machines, the meat on the Eazy Spit is cooked with the charcoal bins on the side in a dry heat, creating an unmatched taste.

Eazy Setup and Maintenance - unlike bqzeen's competitors there is no heavy maintenance or complex setup, just a little cleaning and you're away.

The EAZY spit is the latest in BBQ cuisine.

It is a charcoal-fuelled spit roast that has been designed to be accessible to a wide range of potential users and flexible in application. Unlike gas-powered equivalents, the EAZY spit cooks slowly in a dry heat bringing out the unique flavours associated with charcoal cooking.

The meat is held on a spindle that is gently rotated by a 24 Volt motor. The drip tray collects the juices and allows you to baste the meat naturally. It is ‘back to basics’ cooking giving you a finished result which is full of flavour!

Highly adaptable the EAZY spit has been designed to use in a variety of ways. By using all four charcoal bins, the EAZY spit will roast any carcass up to 25 kg: e.g. pig, lamb, goat or wild boar. Using only two of the charcoal bins you can roast a leg or roll of beef or pork, a chicken, goose, duck or turkey. The EAZY spit is supplied with a grill that means it can also be used in the same way as a traditional barbeque. In fact, the EAZY spit will cook whatever takes your fancy!

Generating interest and revenue the EAZY spit is perfect for both private and commercial use as it can cater for a variety of numbers from small family gatherings to large groups. The EAZY spit offers enormous opportunities for pubs and restaurants. Clubs and associations can purchase an EAZY spit to cater for functions and provide a source of fundraising.

Robust and portable the EAZY spit is manufactured in stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean and rustproof. The unit easily breaks down into compact components that can be simply stored or transported. The 24 Volt motor can run on either mains voltage via a transformer or a car battery. This makes the unit highly flexible and does not limit the location.